Service Since 1957

In 1957 a group of 17 civic minded citizens conceived a volunteer fire department to serve the newly born community of Plantation. Since that time, Volunteer firefighters have been in service to the City of Plantation.

Today the Plantation Fire Department is the largest volunteer fire department in Florida. It is a multi-faceted community service agency providing a variety of services including fire suppression, emergency medical services, fire prevention, public education, and emergency management.

Association Board Members

Welcome to the official website of the Plantation Volunteer Fire Association. The PVFA is comprised of some of the finest people I know and supports the largest volunteer fire department in Florida.

We celebrate a long and storied history of service to the residents of Plantation and represent the true spirit of neighbor helping neighbor.

Feel free to scan through our pages and discover how the Plantation Volunteer Fire Association and its members are so much more than just firefighters.

Our members are community leaders who take great pride in making Plantation the great city that it is.

So take your time and learn about what we do and how we contribute to the City’s well-being and growth. And if you live within the City and have a high school diploma, why not learn how you can “Become One of Us.”

Jon Hatch
Association President

Family and Friends

Family involvement is an important aspect of the Association. Volunteer firefighters can only do what they do when their family members support them. Family is an essential part of our organization. The Association hosts many events, throughout the year, designed to involve family members. These include:

Spring Fling/Firematics Competition

Spring is a time of new beginnings. The Plantation Fire Department’s annual training calendar begins with a fun and exciting event. Firematics is a fun and fast paced competition in which members from each station compete in team events where they put their firefighting skills to the test. Afterwards friends and families get together for a cookout, music, and just plain fun.

Halloween Party/Trunk and Treat

Few holidays are more fun that Halloween and what safer way to celebrate than to get dressed up in your favorite costumes and go trick or treating in a safe, supervised environment.

Kids Holiday Party

The holidays are family time. The Plantation Volunteer Fire Association is one big family. Each year we bring the Fire Association kids together and celebrate the holiday season with gifts, music, games and a special visit from Santa, who arrives on…of course a fire truck! And today, some of those kids are bringing their kids.

Annual Dinner Dance

The kids have their party and we have ours. To celebrate another year of service, the City of Plantation hosts and annual dinner dance. Members and special guests gather for an evening of great food, great music, and great friends. During the dinner dance we present a video review of the year’s activities and honor outstanding members for their involvement and commitment.

July 4th Cookout

The July 4th parade kicks off the City’s annual celebration of Independence Day. Each year the Fire Department, led by our Award winning Honor Guard, displays all its equipment and brings out all our members.

After the parade we gather, with our families, for an old fashioned, Independence Day barbecue.

Caring for Others

​The very nature of the Fire Service is providing care and comfort to those in trouble. The Plantation Volunteer Fire Association takes it one step further with its Care-A-Little program. Care-A-Little is a charitable program designed to provide at risk children throughout Plantation with help, support, and services they may not be able to obtain themselves.

Click on the “Care-A-Little” link above to find out more about what Care-A-Little does and how you can help.